Soft Matter

The Soft Matter Group in the School of Physics at Georgia Tech is at the interface between colloidal physics, nano-science, granular materials, and hydrodynamics. We combine experiments at different length scales and theory to explore a range of scientifically and technologically relevant topics such as the intimate mechanisms of the dynamics of fluid interfaces from the macroscopic down to the molecular level, the physics of liquid crystal materials in curved spaces, soft particles in complex fuilds, and self-assembly under confinement. The Soft Matter Group at Georgia Tech has a strong focus in basic science, which is constantly coupled with technological challenges including the development of new instrumentation and new nano- and micro-fabrication methods.

Faculty Members:
Name Research Interests Research Website
Sven Behrens Soft condensed matter, especially interfacial phenomena in colloidal suspensions, emulsions, and foams
Jennifer Curtis Cell biophysics. Cell mechanics of adhesion, migration and dynamics. Immunophysics and immunoengineering. Hyaluronan glycobiology. Hyaluronan... Curtis Lab Website
Daniel Goldman The biomechanics of locomotion of organisms and robots on and within complex materials. Physics of granular media.
My research integrates my work in...
Goldman Lab Website (contains up-to-date info on publications, news, CV, etc)
Itamar Kolvin Our research group experiments with soft condensed matter out-of-equilibrium: active matter, hydrodynamics, elasticity and fracture. To probe...
Elisabetta Matsumoto Soft Condensed Matter Physics; Geometry of Materials; Applied Mathematics; Materials Engineering; Nonlinear Elasticity
Matsumoto's Group
Claudia Nardone Experimental condensed matter physics, charge transfer in oxide semiconductors
D. Zeb Rocklin I have a broad range of interests in soft condensed matter physics and adjacent fields like statistical physics, physics of living systems and hard...
Simon Sponberg Neuromechancis, Locomotor Control, Multiscale Physics of Muscle, Maneuverability, Computational Neuroscience
For publications please refer to the...
Sponberg Lab Website
Peter Yunker Nonequilibrium systems, densely packed active matter with life and death events, microbial physics, structural mechanics, fracture mechanics,... Yunker Lab - Soft Matter of Life and Death