Teaching Assistants

Information for current Physics GTAs and UTAs


Undergraduate TA Application

Undergraduate students interested in working as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) in the School of Physics should fill out the UTA application form linked below. The UTA position is paid hourly at a rate of $15/hour. The expected time commitment depends on the specific teaching assignment (see the UTA Guidelines page linked above for more information). To be eligible for a UTA position, the student must have earned an A in the class they want to TA. The timeline of hiring UTAs is around July for Fall semesters, and around November for Spring semesters. No UTAs are hired in summer semesters. For more information, please contact Dr Alicea.

UTA applications for Fall 2024 are now closed


Graduate TA Application (for Physics MS and non-physics graduate students)

Physics MS students and graduate students outside the School of Physics can be hired as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) if any such positions are available. The GTA position comes with a stipend and a tuition waiver, and the workload is expected to be 13 hours/week. Duties vary depending on the specific teaching assignment. Interested graduate students should fill out the GTA application form linked below. Please note that Physics PhD students have priority for GTA assignments, followed by Physics MS students. If all GTA spots in a given semester are filled by physics graduate students, then no GTA positions will be offered to students outside of physics. The timeline for hiring non-physics GTAs is around late July for Fall semesters, and around late December for Spring semesters. During summer semesters, all GTA positions are usually filled by physics PhD students. For more information, please contact Dr Alicea.

There will be no GTA application form available for Fall 2024