Symmetry and Topology in Magnetic Quantum Materials

Symmetry and Topology in Magnetic Quantum Materials

Physics Colloquium


October 16, 2017 - 3:00pm


Marcus Nanotechnology Building


Rm 1116-1118


MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology


A goal of the exploration of quantum materials is the development of solid state systems with new functionalities.  Historically, magnetism has played a key role in such development as a robust quantum mechanical effect that enables unique sensing capabilities. 

Here we explore how interfacing magnetism with the new forefront of topological electronic materials offers the potential for creating a new class of topological electronic devices.  A key challenge in combining electronic topology and the correlation effects of magnetism is the complex materials phase space that must be navigated to find real systems in which such phenomena may be observed.  We describe approaches based on considerations of lattice symmetry, feedback with computational efforts, and recent results in real materials.  We will discuss emergent phenomena in these systems including dissipationless electronic currents, coupling of magnetic and electronic degrees of freedom, and also prospects for future materials development.