School of Physics Colloquium

Marc Lavine (AAAS): 101 Mistakes to Avoid Before Submitting a Paper

Speaker: Marc Lavine (AAAS)

Host: Prof. Dan Goldman

Title: 101 Mistakes to Avoid Before Submitting a Paper

Abstract: There is a strong desire, often driven by real or perceived pressures, to publish research in a top tier journal like Science.  However, with a rejection rate above 93%, it is a difficult process.  Beyond this, the publication landscape has gotten more complex with pre-print servers, predatory journals, mega-publishers, etc.  In this talk, I will describe the publication process at Science, within the broader context of publishing good papers in any journal.  I will focus on steps you can take to simplify the process both prior to submission and during the review and revision process.


Undergrad – Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto (Canada)

PhD – Materials Science at Cambridge University (UK)

Post-docs @ Bristol (Physics) (UK) and MIT (Chemical Engineering) (US)

Started as an editor at Science in 2001

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  • Date: 
    Monday, October 23, 2023 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Marcus Nanotechnology Bldg. Room: 1116-1118