Neutrons as a unique tool for research

Neutrons as a unique tool for research

School of Physics Colloquium



August 28, 2017 - 3:00pm


Marcus Nanotechnology Building


Rm 1116-1118



Chief Scientist for Oak Ridge Neutron Sciences Directorate


Neutrons provide an essential and complementary probe of matter with unique sensitivity to light atoms and magnetic phenomena. As part of a Department of Energy initiative to define the future needs and impact of neutrons at ORNL we have undertaken a comprehensive survey of the grand challenges for neutron sciences over the next 20 years and explored the sources and instrumentation needed to address these. Major trends include the increasing importance of complex and hierarchical systems, the key role that neutrons play in materials design and synthesis, and the emerging importance of mesoscale phenomena. In this talk I will explain the science and capabilities at the ORNL sources and their path forward. As part of this I will cover their impact on quantum materials and the transformative opportunities with new data sciences.