Eric Sembrat's Test Bonanza


Public Lecture: How the Universe Made the Elements in the Periodic Table

The creation of the elements in the universe took billions of years and required various processes.

The first few minutes of the big bang produced only hydrogen (H) and helium (He). No new elements were formed until a few hundred million years later when the first generation of stars were born and they started fusing H and He into slightly higher-mass elements, such as carbon and oxygen. Various fusion reactions by multiple generations of stars eventually created elements up to iron (Fe).

MLK, Jr. Lecture with Robert Schulmann

Speaker's BIO

Schulmann, former director of the Einstein Papers Project and co-editor of Einstein on Politics, will discuss the interplay of politics with Albert Einstein’s concerns for human rights and the trajectory of his professional
career. How, in other words, did a groundbreaking physicist come to be known as a keeper of the world's conscience? The lecture will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.


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