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MLK, Jr. Lecture with Robert Schulmann

Speaker's BIO

Schulmann, former director of the Einstein Papers Project and co-editor of Einstein on Politics, will discuss the interplay of politics with Albert Einstein’s concerns for human rights and the trajectory of his professional
career. How, in other words, did a groundbreaking physicist come to be known as a keeper of the world's conscience? The lecture will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.

Public Lecture: How a Failed Astrophysics Major Became a Successful Science Writer

Abstract: I knew from the time I was a very young child that I wanted to be an astronomer. The dream lasted until I got to college, where I learned to my dismay that I actually had no passion for doing what an astronomer does; what I really wanted is to know what an astronomer knows. This is the story of how it all worked out.


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