Eric Sembrat's Test Bonanza


Lefton, Schatz in 2018 Innovation for All Conference

Flashpoint works closely with founders to enable them to think clearly about their businesses. It is unique in implementing startup engineering, a business creation and innovation process developed by Merrick Furst, Distinguished Professor in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech.

From Molecules to Migration: How Quantum Physics Can Explain the Compass of Birds

An Inquiring Minds Public Lecture from the School of Physics

The world of quantum physics appears mysterious, even spooky, and far removed from everyday phenomena we can observe in the world around us. Especially the realm of living organisms was thought to be far too disorganized and noisy for quantum phenomena to play a role.

A Photochemical Mechanism for Magnetic Sensitivity in Animals


Migratory birds and other animals possess a physiological magnetic compass that helps them to find directions, but the biophysical mechanism underlying this ability remains a mystery. One currently much discussed hypothesis is that light-induced magnetically sensitive radical pair reactions may provide the first step of a magnetic signal.

Condensed Matter Seminar

Exciton Dynamics and Optical Properties of Single and Bundled Semiconductor Carbon Nanotubes



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