Simon Berman
Graduate Research Assistant

B.S. Physics/Computer Science, University of Southern California 2013

Research Interests

Theory of atoms in strong laser fields, high harmonic generation, Hamiltonian systems, nonlinear dynamics

Honors and Awards:

Chateaubriand STEM Fellowship, 2015-2016


S.A. Berman, J. Dubois, C. Chandre, M. Perin, and T. Uzer. “Coherent buildup of high-order harmonic radiation: the classical perspective.” Phys. Rev. A 97 (2018): 061402(R).

J. Dubois, S.A. Berman, C. Chandre, and T. Uzer. "Single and double ionization of magnesium by electron impact: A classical study." Phys. Rev. A 95 (2017): 022713.

S.A. Berman, C. Chandre, and T. Uzer. “Persistence of Coulomb focusing during ionization in the strong-field regime.” Phys. Rev. A 92 (2015): 023422