Patrick Gartland
Graduate Research Assistant

B.S. in Physics, Auburn University, Summa Cum Laude, University Honors Scholar, 2010

Research Interests

Giant electron-spin g factors in a ferromagnetic nanoparticle
P Gartland, FT Birk, W Jiang, D Davidović
Physical Review B 88 (7), 075303


Size-dependence of magneto-electronic coupling in Co nanoparticles
W Jiang, P Gartland, D Davidović
Journal of Applied Physics 113, 223703


Ultra-low leakage and high breakdown Schottky diodes fabricated on free-standing GaN substrate
Y Wang, S Alur, Y Sharma, F Tong, R Thapa, P Gartland, T Issacs-Smith, C ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 26 (2), 022002


Electrical characteristics of the vertical GaN rectifiers fabricated on bulk GaN wafer
Y Wang, H Xu, S Alur, Y Sharma, F Tong, P Gartland, T Issacs‐Smith, C Ahyi ...
physica status solidi (c) 8 (7‐8), 2430-2432