Michael Dimitriyev
Graduate Research Assistant
BA Physics and Mathematics, Boston University 2011
MS Physics, Georgia Tech 2013
Ph.D. Physics, Georgia Tech 2017


GTA for PHYS 6107: Statistical Mechanics I (Spring 2016)

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1-2


Research Interests


I'm a graduate student working with Paul Goldbart on a broad range of problems in soft- and quantum- condensed matter. My recent research interests include:

  • a model of protein regulation arising from changes in thermal fluctuation-correlations due to binding a regulator molecule
  • hydrogel buckling instability resulting from a rapid solvent-quality quench
  • geometric phases in quantum and classical condensed matter; quantum control
Memberships and Committees:

Member of APS

Assistant to Sven Behrens in organizing the Soft Matter Bag lunch series (currently)

Served on the GT organizing committee for the 2016 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (at GT) (2015 - 2016)

Founded and organized the "Physics Forum" (a GT Physics graduate student seminar) (2013-2015); continued by the GT Graduate Association of Physicists.