Jeffrey Tithof
Graduate Research Assistant
  • Georgia Institute of Technology 
    • Ph.D. in Physics (Expected July 2016)
    • Minor in Mechanical Engineering
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville 
    • B.S. in Physics & Mathematics (June 2010)
    • Minor in Astronomy
Research Interests

My research interests include:

  • Fluid Dynamics: turbulence, mixing, computational fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic stability
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: bifurcations, high-dimensional chaos, exact coherent structures, pattern formation, symmetries, synchronization
  • Topological Data Analysis: computational homology, persistent homology

Balachandra Suri*, Jeffrey Tithof*, Roman O. Grigoriev, and Michael F. Schatz.  "Forecasting Fluid Flows Using the Geometry of Turbulence." In preparation for submission to Science. *Denotes equal contribution.

Jeffrey Tithof, Balachandra Suri, Ravi Pallantla, Roman O. Grigoriev, and Michael F. Schatz.  "An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Bifurcations in a Kolmogorov-like flow." In preparation for submission to J. Fluid Mech. [Preprint]

Miroslav Kramar, Rachel Levanger, Jeffrey Tithof, Balachandra Suri, Mu Xu, Mark Paul, Michael F. Schatz, and Konstantin Mischaikow. "Analysis of Kolmogorov Flow and Rayleigh-Bénard Convection using Persistent Homology."  Under review in Physica D. [Preprint]

Balachandra Suri, Jeffrey Tithof, Radford Mitchell, Jr., Roman O. Grigoriev, and Michael F. Schatz.  "Velocity profile in a two-layer Kolmogorov-like flow." Phys. Fluids 26.5 (2014): 053601. [Link]

T. Papenbrock, Z. Pluhar, J. Tithof, and H. A. Weidenmuller.  "Chaos in fermionic many-body systems and the metal-insulator transition." Phys. Rev. E 83.3 (2011): 031130. [Link]

Yuri Kamyshkov, Jeffrey Tithof, and Mikhail Vysotsky.  "Bounds on new light particles from high-energy and very small momentum transfer np elastic scattering data."  Phys. Rev. D 78 (2008): 114029. [Link]