Bryce Robbins
Graduate Research Assistant

2011 - BS Engineering Physics: Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO

Research Interests

I am very privileged to work in Michael Chapman's group as a graduate research student. In what we like to call "Chapman Labs", we create ultra cold atomic gases of Rb-87 by confining them in an ultra-high vacuum chamber and sub-Doppler cooling them to nano-Kelvin temperatures. By combining high precision spectroscopy, magneto-optical traps, and an all-optical C02 dipole force trap, we cool tens of thousands of Rb-87 atoms down to quantum degeneracy forming what is called a Spinor Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) - a macroscopic quantum object that is highly tunable and controllable using  modern spectroscopic techniques.

Our all-optical trapping technique liberates of the spin degrees of freedom of the BEC allowing us to control and measure spin-mixing dynamics. Using rf and microwave fields, we are able to dynamically control spin populations and spinor phases of the condensate and study the rich universe of spinor BECs. Past experiments include spin-nematic squeezing, non-equilibrium dynamics, photoassociation spectroscopy, and dynamic stabilization of a quantum many body system.

We are currently studying quench dynamics of the spin-1 BEC and developing new techniques to improve atom squeezing measurements for high precision magnetometry applications.

Honors and Awards:

2011 Barry M Goldwater Scholar

  • Cvitanović, Predrag, et al. "Cartography of high-dimensional flows: A visual guide to sections and slices." Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 22.4 (2012): 047506.
  • Reinhardt, William P., et al. "Bright and Dark Solitons and Breathers in Strongly Repulsive Bose-Einstein Condensates." arXiv preprint arXiv:1102.4042 (2011).



Memberships and Committees:
American Physical Society
Tau Beta Pi