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Squishy Physics: The Physics of Food and Cooking

Sat, 03/10/2012 - 9:30am

Series: G.N. Bisanar Frontiers of Science Series

CULC 152
Harvard University

In this exciting event, three lectures will be presented from world renown Chef Jose Andres and Harvard Physics Professors Michael P. Brenner and David A. Weitz.  Awards will also be presented to the top Dekalb County high school student submissions for the Squishy Physics photography contest in conjunction with the Fernbank Science Center, with all the submissions on display at the event.

Most of what we eat is squishy - behaving as a solid on a plate, or as a liquid when processed in your mouth.  Squishy Physics investigates materials that are soft and easy to deform and, in most cases, are made from mixtures of phases.  The lectures will cover interesting and entertaining physical questions that are critical to cooking and understanding the properties of food.