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Physics SOOC

The School of Physics offers on-demand SOOC (Specialized Open Online Course), titled "Nonlinear dynamics 1 & 2: geometry of chaos"


Development of a position sensitive cosmic-ray detector

Based on a previous design study by an undergraduate student we want to build a position sensitive cosmic-ray detector from plastic scintillator, wavelength shifter, and siliconphotomultipliers as readout. The task is to fabricate a prototype that validates the detector concept.

Performance studies of novel photon detectors for future gamma-ray instruments

We are looking for an undergraduate student who is interested to study the impact of novel photon detectors in future gamma-ray instruments. The work requires working with C/C++ code and running simulations on a large cluster of several thousands of cores.

Physics MOOC

The School of Physics has offered a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course), titled "Introductory Physics I with Laboratory" on Coursera.

Here students explored the physics of motion in the real world using modern tools and techniques (video capture and analysis, computer modeling) guided by fundamental physics principles.



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