Shape-Reconfigurable Colloids

Shape-Reconfigurable Colloids

Soft Condensed Matter & Physics of Living Systems


April 25, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm




1116 West


New York University

The ability to reconfigure elementary building blocks from one structure to another is key to many biological system. Bringing the intrinsic adaptability of biological systems to traditional synthetic materials is currently one of the biggest scientific challenges in material engineering. Here we introduce a new design concept for the experimental realization of self-assembling systems with built-in shape-shifting elements.

We demonstrate that dewetting forces between an oil phase and solid colloidal substrates can be exploited to engineer shape-shifting particles whose geometry can be changed on demand by a chemical or optical signal. We find this approach to be quite general and applicable to a broad spectrum of materials, including polymers, semiconductors and magnetic materials.