Eric Sembrat's Test Bonanza


Probing the Function of Chromatin Remodeling Factors with Biomolecular Simulations


Eukaryotes package and maintain their genetic code in chromatin fibers. The fundamental unit of chromatin is the nucleosome, a complex of approximately equal mass of protein and DNA molecules.  By altering the physical and biochemical properties of the nucleosome, the cell regulates the structure and stability of chromatin and thus tunes gene expression. 

Life in the Universe

Abstract: Is life most likely to emerge at the present cosmic time near a star like the Sun? Dr. Loeb will review the habitability of the Universe throughout cosmic history from the birth of the first stars 30 million years after the Big Bang to the death of the last stars in ten trillion years. Unless habitability around low mass stars is suppressed, life is most likely to exist near stars with a tenth of the solar mass ten trillion years from now.


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