Eric Sembrat's Test Bonanza


Faculty on the Hot Seat with Jim Sowell

Please join us for a special CRA Seminar, where we will have our very own Jim Sowell on the hot seat. For one hour, the students, postdocs, faculty, and friends can ask Prof. Sowell about his research and life. Refreshments will be provided and students are encouraged to participation questions! 

Robust Quantum Interference in Ultraclean Carbon Nanotubes and Other Stories


I will talk about ongoing efforts in my lab at the University of Utah in one, two and three dimensional mesoscopic material systems.

Georgia Tech Observatory Public Night

Public nights at the Georgia Tech Observatory have resumed for the 2017-2018 season. During the fall and spring semesters, the observatory will be open one Thursday each month (except December) for people to observe various celestial bodies.

The viewing on Sept. 28 includes a 30-minute talk with Kate Napier at 8:30 pm. Topic: Asteroids: Past, Present, and Future. 

Public nights are contingent on clear weather.

Self-folding Self-folding Origami


There are now a number of experimental platforms for fabricating self-folding origami structures. In these platforms, individual folds on an initially flat sheet are patterned so that the structure folds autonomously into a desired three dimensional shape.

The dream is to develop a system in which three-dimensional structures can be fabricated from a rapid roll-to-roll process. Yet, in our experiments with self-folding origami, structures sometimes misfold, especially as they become more complicated.

Chemical Selforganization: Macroscopic Order from Microscopic Processes


Simple rules can create complex patterns and dynamics. This connection is routinely used by living systems to create complex rhythms, spatio-temporal structures, and high-performance materials with surprising design features at meso- and macroscopic length scales that seem to defy their molecular origins.

In my lecture, I will present several examples that illustrate this point and demonstrate that many phenomena that appear to be unique to life processes actually occur in non-biological, often simple chemical systems.

Population-Level Modeling of Cardiac Nonlinear Dynamics


The nonlinear dynamics of cardiac excitable waves is controlled by ion channels that are the basic molecular building blocks of the heart's electrical circuitry. Variations in gene expression and protein levels can cause the conductance of those channels to vary both between cells of the same heart and between hearts of different individuals in a genetically diverse population.

A Physicist Looks at Cancer Metastasis


Most cancer deaths arise when then primary tumor metastasizes and cancer takes root in distant organs. From the point of view of cellular behavior, metastatic spread requires many capabilities (motility, chemoresistance, avoidance of cell death due to lack of adhesion, and ability to grow in a foreign location) which seem beyond what is normally possible for cells in typical organs.

Meet the CRA (Center for Relativistic Astrophysics)

 First-year Grad students have expressed an interest in working in astrophysics. The Center for Relativistic Astrophysics(CRA)  would like to invite you to  “Meet the CRA" Friday, Sept 22 from 3pm-4pm, in the Howey Interaction Zone.  

We will introduce the research and activities happening at the CRA and give students an opportunity to meet the Faculty and Staff and enjoy Pizza. 



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