Career Development & Job Opportunities

Check out the Career Development services offered by Georgia Tech, as well as some links for popular pages with job postings for Physics PhDs.

The skills students develop while doing a Ph.D. in Physics makes them extremely attractive to a wide range of employers in a variety of STEM and non-STEM disciplines. To get a sense of potential employers, check out the Who's Hiring Physics PhDs? tool developed by the AIP. Below are a number of options and programs available to Georgia Tech Physics Ph.D. students to help find the career they want when they graduate.

I. Career Development While at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech's Office of Grad Studies has a Career Development page that gives information on a variety of workshops, services and contacts to help with finding employment after graduation. All Physics Ph.D. students are encouraged to make use of these programs and services throughout their time at Georgia Tech. These programs include:

In addition, make note of the Georgia Tech Center for Career Discovery and Development for additional resources.

II. Graduate Interns & Co-ops

Current School of Physics Ph.D. students, in consultation with their research advisor, may find it useful to spend a semester or two working as an Intern or as a Co-op Student (some possible internship opportunites are listed by the APS). There is no tuition associated with the Graduate Co-op Program, nor are there any required fees.  Students are provided full-time enrollment status through registration in an audit credit Graduate Co-op course. This permits students to retain all privileges of full-time enrolled students while on work assignments. Full information, plus a FAQ, can be found at the Georgia Tech Co-Op/Internship website.

Physics Ph.D. students Kirk Barrow and Elaine Rhoades kindly shared the process that they followed to arrange Co-op semesters.

1) Download and fill out the graduate co-op approval form (available here as a downloadable Word document at the top of the page). It must be signed by your graduate thesis adviser and the School of Physics Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.
2) Log into CareerBuzz ( -- create an account if needed
3) On the home page, there is a list called "My Quicklinks" on the right hand side of the page. Click on the link to SET APPLICANT TYPE and complete the form.
4) Go to My Account and click on "Experiential Learning". Click on "Add New" and fill out the form. Here is where you will need information about the co-op, your official offer letter (including salary and co-op location), and the approval form filled out in Step 1.
5) Make a 30-min appointment with the advisor for Graduate internships/co-ops at Career Services (Robbie Ouzts or Ken Little) to approve the co-op.
6) Get a permit to apply for the tuition-free 12-hour co-op course.
7) Register.
8) Report back after the internship.

III. Postdoctoral Fellowships and Job Listings

Here are some well regarded Postdoctoral and Research Fellowship programs to consider applying to as students approach finishing up:

In addition, below are some links to popular job posting sites for physics graduates.