Poster Printing

Information about using the big format printer in the School of Physics

Information about using the big format printer in the School of Physics

Submitting print jobs

The School of Physics Support team (SoPST) is in charge of printing posters for our users. In order to have a poster printed, users must bring the documents in a CD or USB keychain to our office located in the Howey Physics Building in Room S101, or email them to Please make sure to read and understand this page completely so that you can comply with our printing requirements to avoid delays in printing your posters.

Who can print

Any faculty, research, student or staff member who is associated with the School of Physics may request posters to be printed by the SoPST. There may be some instances in which students from other departments collaborating with people from the School of Physics will require a poster to be printed. In such cases, the School of Physics member should submit the print jobs.

Print job time

The SoPST requires you to submit your print jobs with a minimum lead time of 2 business days per poster. The SoPST will do their best effort to print posters submitted with less than 2 business days lead time, however, we cannot guarantee that your poster will be printed should problems arise if you did not submit your poster with the required lead time.

Poster Sizes

Our plotter uses 42 and 36 inch wide paper rolls, so you must make sure that you always create posters that have one dimension set to 42 inches or 36 inches. You can submit landscape images that are x" by 42" or x" by 36" and portrait images which are 42" by x" or 36" by x".

Margins and Bleeds

Bleeds: - Unfortunately our printer does not print all the way to the edge. That means any color or text you have going to the edge may be cut off. See the section on margins for more information.


  • Leading Edge - 17mm (0.67in)
  • Trailing Edge - 17mm (0.67in)
  • Side Margins - 5mm (0.2in)


We will re-print a poster if it has faded, has incorrect data, or other major issues, but there may be a charge to reprint a poster if there is an error that should have been caught in editing. Please proof-read your posters before submitting them. The cost of printing is $1/ft2.

Other Printing Resources On Campus

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